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Treatment of Vision Problems after Concussion

Treatment of Vision Problems after Concussion

Common Vision Problems after Concussion

Some of the commonly seen vision problems after concussion are blurred or blurry vision, focusing difficulties, reading difficulties, eye pain, double vision, eye tracking or eye teaming problems, jumpy vision, lack of recognition, and more. Vision therapy (orthoptics), employs a variety of vision exercises and tools to improve oculomotor control, focusing, coordination, and eye teaming.

Vision Therapy After Concussion

After concussion, appropriate and immediate examination and treatment is indicated. According to Targeted Evaluation and Active Management (TEAM) in Neurosurgery. 2016 Dec; 79(6): 912–929, Vision Therapy is "beneficial for patients with concussion and mild TBI that exhibited common oculomotor issues such as reading difficulty, vergence, accommodation, saccade, or pursuit impairment. Vision therapy employs a variety of vision exercises and tools designed to improve oculomotor control, focusing, coordination, and teaming."

Vision Rehabilitation for Vestibular (Balance) Problems after Concussion

Vision is an integral part of the vestibular system (balance system). Patients who present with post-concussion vestibular impairment and symptoms (e.g., vertigo, impaired balance, dizziness, visual motion sensitivity, gait issues, etc.) can benefit from vision therapy that emphasizes active vestibular and vision rehabilitation exercises. Active treatment can lessen or eliminate paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) and improve balance, gaze stability, eye-head coordination and gait.

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